09 March, 2018

A Vintage Finish

 A few years ago, a friend gave me this half finished doily.
I decided I would finish it.
I added the green leaves and stems.
And finished off the chain.
The finished doily. 

I'd love to know the story is behind this.
Who started stitching this? Why wasn't it finished?
Hopefully, the person won't be upset that I finished it. 
I didn't unpick any of the original stitching but left it all as it was.

I'd like to think whoever started this would be pleased 
to know it is now completed and loved.


Julie said...

It is so pretty Christine ... would look wonderful in a simple frame. Good on you for finishing it.

Ondrea said...

You have brought that doily back to life. If it was mine I would be so pleased that you took the time and love to finish it. Well done.

ellieshomemadehome.blogspot.com said...

A very pretty finish, hope someone sees it and recognises it and appreciates your work :)

Maria said...

Sew nice you finished it and Om sure you'll find a great use for the vintage doily.

Kaisievic said...

So very pretty, Christine, you did a lovely job.

kiwikid said...

I am sure the person who gave it to you would be very happy you have finished it off Christine. It is very pretty.

Lin said...

I would be delighted you had finished it if it was mine. She looks so happy sitting on that swing, carefree. Lovely finish. xx

Anthea said...

She looks very happy to be fully finished Christine; you've done a beautiful job with the stitching & it looks wonderful! Very cheery.
Vintage linen is always fascinating.

Karen S said...

This a gorgeous finish. Beautiful work.

Karen said...

It looks lovely all finished.