25 January, 2010

Belated Christmas dinner and Kris Kringle present swap

Last Saturday I went out for dinner with the girls from NOTY for our very belated Christmas get together and Kris Kringle present swap. We went Thai in Eltham and ended up dining by candlelight later in the night as the power went out! Luckily we had already done the present swap.
I received this lovely "welcome" canvas from Claire. If you go to Claire's blog Matching Pegs you will see a sneak peak of my canvas in her tutorial.

My only problem now is where to put it? I don't want it to fade so I need to check if the late afternoon sun will hit it under the verandah next to the front door. If it does, I may need to put it at the back door (where most of our friends come in anyway!).

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mandapanda said...

You lucky thing you! It's beautiful! Thankyou for entering my giveaway! And becoming a follower!