28 January, 2010

Blue Tongue

Late last year, we had a large storm and our chicken house collapsed. Needless to say, the chickens now have a new house.

On Tuesday, Noel, Austin and Nelson were clearing up all the wood, tin and chicken wire from the old house and they came across this blue tongue lizard. We have seen him around before. He's our silent pet!
If you're wondering what's in Noel's ears, it's cotton wool as he was using
the electric saw to cut up the wood!

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mandapanda said...

Oh wow! I just ADORE bluetongues!!!! You know I own one right? A not so silent pet! She huffles and buffles all the time, trying to talk to me and tell me what she's thinking! Her name is Buffy! In fact, she was used in my tea towel challenge!