12 January, 2010

What a hot day!

Today the temperature got to 44oC and didn't we know it! It was still 38oC at 9pm! And it was certainly hot during the night. I don't know what the lowest temperature was.

Noel and the boys went down to the pool.
It's great having the local pool only 150m from home!

Ginger found a cool spot under the cooling vent.

Here are two of the budgies cooling their wings.

Lucky the Lovebird was lucky enough to stay inside in the cool.

Billy the Galah was also lucky. As we have evaporated cooling and
his cage is near the back door, he managed to get some of the cool!

As for the my girls, the chickens, they disappeared for the day and turned up home after 7pm!

After tea we went for a drive to the Memorial Tower at Kangaroo Ground.

And we watched the sunset.