14 August, 2010

Footy Grand Final!

Tomorrow morning Nelson and his team will be playing in the
Under 10's 2010 Grand Final! Yeah!
Thursday night as the boys were training, a group of us mums made a banner for them to run through on Sunday (notice the fathers supervising!). Although I will tell you that Noel got down on his knees and was helping stick down the letters.
The boys were very excited when they came in from training and saw the banner. They all made sure we hadn't left anyone's jumper number off!

This is the front of the banner.And here's the back.
These are the numbers of the backs of the boy's jumpers.
Nelson is number 22!

Good luck to Nelson and his team mates.
Do your best. We are all proud of you.

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QueenB said...

Go Nelson Go. Good luck for you and all your team. Hope you all play well in the wet and have a good goame whatever the outcome.