23 September, 2010

A Day at the Show!

Today we headed off to the Royal Melbourne Show.
A great time was had by everyone.

Of course, there were lots of animals to see.
This little boy lamb was only born about five hours before I
took this photo! He was so cute!
The boys got to pat a 'lace monitor'. Amanda, I'm sure you would have
loved this exhibit. There were also snakes, lizards and even a baby crocodile!

Can you guess what this is? (Sorry it's a little blurry!)
And no, it's not one of those colour blindness tests!!
It's tiny balls of ice cream!

We also tasted lots of different foods, the boys made things, we watched a motor bike stunt show, a high tower diving into a pool show, bought show bags, looked at the crafts and pretty much saw everything there was to see.

After 8 hours of walking around, there are five very tired people in our house.
I think it's an early night for everyone!

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