10 September, 2010

I was a winner!

Jo at Lilly Pilly had a guessing competition and I was the winner. She gave us a sneak peek of a project she is working on and you had to guess what was in the centre. It was a home with a heart!
This is the lovely fabric Jo sent me. It's the same as what is in her project. I think it would be nice in a bag! Now I'll just have to decide which pattern to use. Thanks Jo!


Jo in TAS said...

Your Welcome Christine!
Enjoy stitching

Jennifer said...

OOOOoohhh your a lucky girl - they are very nice. Can't wait to see them and give them a little pat.
Cheers Jennifer

Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

You did receive some lovely fabrics. Hope you find a nice bag pattern.
Happy days.