26 September, 2010

A draw and the Ballet!

Well, yesterday was the big grand final between Collingwood and St Kilda. Mitchell was very excited as this is the first Collingwood grand final he has seen. And what happens? They have a draw! Now we have to sit through another week of footy leading up to next week's grand final replay.

So after sitting watching the footy all afternoon, Noel and I headed off to the State Theatre for a bit of culture! We saw the Australian Ballet perform The Nutcracker. It was a fantastic night. The staging was amazing. So were the dancers.
Walking back along the Yarra River at Southbank to where we parked the car was very quiet. We had been expecting heaps of people to either be celebrating or commiserating! There was hardly anyone there. Although the Crown Casino (where we parked) was packed!

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