31 October, 2010

Creek! - What Creek?

We live next to the Diamond Creek (in Diamond Creek) but during the past 18 hours we've had 56ml of rain. We now live next to the Diamond River! Lucky we live on the high side. This is the view from the side front of our house.
Down the front of our property you can see how high the water is coming up to the bridge.
This shot is looking back along the creek down the front of our place. Our house is on the left hand side.
The creek is about 4 times as wide as normal in places. We took the above shot from the bridge. The one below is looking the other way from the footbridge.
When the creek is up, you see lots of people out and about looking at it. It is quite conversation piece. The water is rushing quite fast but you can't really tell that by the photos.

Well, as it's another wet day, I think it's time to go to my favourite chair, make a cuppa and work on some more sewing!

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Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

Wow that is some river. I would love to have some of that rain we have only had just over 200mls for the year and in November we aren't expecting any. Happy days.