04 October, 2010

Mitchell - One Happy Magpie!

It was bad enough listening to Mitchell yell, cheer, boo and argue with the umpires when watching Collingwood defeat St Kilda in the grand final replay on Saturday following last week's draw. But Sunday was worse! I walked into his bedroom and this is what greeted me!
A wall full of Collingwood Football Club!
And he still hasn't stopped talking about it!


Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

At least you can close the door!!!
Next year St Kilda will win,third time lucky. Happy days to Mitchell.

mandapanda said...

At least he's not a St. George fan and has 3 live dragons, one which roams around the house (like me!) lol
Perhaps you should make him something Magpie for Xmas..? I have a wonderfully easy pieced magpie quilt block, you could make him a whole quilt of them! Let me know if you'd like the pattern, I'll scan it and email you!