01 October, 2010

A trip to the zoo and a new baby too!

It was a lovely sunny day today and the boys and I headed off to the zoo to see the new baby boy elephant. He is so cute, just like his half sister Mali. Here he comes running out of the elephant house.
We came across a very friendly little butterfly in the butterfly house. He visited with each of the boys.
Oh well, school holidays are now over. It's back to school on Monday (yeah)! Only eight more weeks and then they're on Christmas holidays!


Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

The zoo sounds like the perfect day out. Saw that little elephant on the news the other day. Great shots of the boys with the butterflies.
Happy days.

p.s. the wedding ring quilt is beautiful.

mandapanda said...

Did you see the footage of his Mum kicking him and him then rolling down the hill and coming back for more? So cute! I'm glad you and the boys had fun! Last time I was at the Mel zoo, they didn't have a butterfly house, but the one up in Karanda was excellent. Wonderfully magical places!!

Bellgirl said...

How lovely to see the baby elephants together! We saw the new baby in the first week, and my little boy was asking why the two little elephants weren't able to play together in the same place.

I've just come over from the quilting gallery where I saw your beautiful stained glass nativity quilt!