26 August, 2011

Mitchell, RAK and a Quilt!

Last week Mitchell spent the week at City Cite. Everyday he headed into the city where the students were put into groups and checked out the city. Mitchell's group was the art group. They went to the Art Gallery, found lots of graffiti art all around town, found statues and all sorts of art. The students had to interview the public on whether or not they thought graffiti was art or vandalism. They also headed to the Eureka Skydeck and went out on "The Edge"! Mitchell said he has never been so scared! Friday night all the families headed into the City Cite building where the students presented their findings.
A little while ago I received a lovely RAK parcel from Julie of Jewells. This is the parcel I made up for her. Now she has received it I can post a picture.
Finally, I've entered my "Something Pretty For Me" quilt into the Quilting Gallery's "Quilts with embrboidery/stitchery on them competition". I'd love you to check it out and if you like it, vote for me. Below I've added some close-up pictures of the embroidery as it's very hard to see it in the main photo.Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Hugs, Christine


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a handsome young man! Love your entry for Quilt Gallery, forgot all about this weeks theme. Lots of lovely little flowers planted thru your quilt.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mitchell that would have been a fun project to do. And what a lovely Rak parcel you sent Julie.
I will head over now to vote for your quilt,good luck it is beautiful Christine

Jo in TAS said...

Sounds like a fun way to see the City! I'm off to vote for you Christine!

Anonymous said...

Done Christine and good luck

Kathy said...

I used to love visiting Melbourne when I was his age - so much excitement!

Will be visiting the quilting Gallery to see vote for your quilt!

Have a great weekend!

Maria said...

Mitchell does look very smart and sounds like a fun time with his school friends too.

Lovley RAK gift you made and sent Julie.

Your Embrodiered Quilt is beautiful.Will pop over to vote now.

Farm Girl said...

Wonder what the verdict from the public was - art or vandalism?

Your quilt is a work of art too Christine. I've just been over and voted. Your lovely work makes me think I really should finish mine too!