24 October, 2011

Another Teenager in the Family!

This little baby boy is now a teenager! Yes, it's Austin and today is the big day. (Sorry about the quality. I've taken a photo of a photo!)
Austin today lying on the couch recuperating.
He's coming along well but still quite sore.
Here's a picture of Nelson on Saturday night with his birthday cake.
Tonight Austin has requested pavlova topped with
peppermint crisp as his cake!

Happy Birthday Austin.
Lots of Love
Mum, Dad, Mitchell and Nelson


shez said...

happy birthday boys,gee Christine Austin and Nelson look alike,enjoy your pav tonight.

Maria said...

Oh How I wish I could join you boys for the pav. My favourite.
Hope you guys had a great day.
Yep they do look alike.

Bev C said...

Hope a great day was had. Pavlova,YUM.

Happy days.

rubyslipperz said...

O!! what a cutie (not that HE would like that description)...

you ARE planning to lock him up til he is 21...right? otherwise the girls will probably be all after him! =P


Michelle May said...

Happy birthday! I must say you have the most handsome kiddo's. :)