22 October, 2011

Stitching and a birthday!

I had lots of time over the last couple of days to sit and stitch! 
I finished this stitchery off for a friend.
Stitched my second Tis The Season block.
Made a start on the Road to a Friend's stitchery.
And why did I have so much time to sit and stitch? This is why!
Took Austin off to the Austin Hospital early Thursday morning thinking he may have appendicitis. And it turned out he did! Got there at 6.15am. When the surgeon came to see him, she felt it was possibly his appendix but due to there being no post-op bed for him they couldn't operate Thursday. As he wasn't too bad, it was decided he would spend the night home rather than sit in the Emergency Department all night until a bed came up. 

We went to see the surgeon first thing Friday morning at a local private hospital where she saw Austin in between day surgeries and reviewed him again. She decided the appendix would come out and when they did, it was very inflammed.
This is after theatre. He responded so well to everything that we came home this afternoon. Only an overnight stay!
Eleven years ago today, this little cutie arrived! It's Nelson's birthday. 

As it's also Austin's birthday on Monday, we had planned a family afternoon tea for tomorrow but that's now been postponed! So this year's birthdays are a little mixed up. We'll be celebrating them properly in November!

Happy Birthday Nelson!
Lots of Love,
Mum, Dad, Mitchell and Austin!


shez said...

Lovely stitching Christine and i am glad Austin is feeling better now,and what a cutie Nelson is,happy birthday boys,hope you have an awesome day.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh those kids keep you hopping - but look at the lovely stitcheries you got done! Happy birthday you guys!

Maddy said...

Glad to hear that Austin is on the mend. You have done well with the stitchery's. Nelson looks like he is glad to be here, with that cute little smile.

Bev C said...

Happy Birthday to the McDonald clan. Love that first sitchery of the sewing machine..
Happy days.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Goodness, hospitals and birthdays, you have been busy. Glad that Austin is ok and that it went so well for him!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Oh Dear Austin,

I'm so glad it didn't rupture - better out than in!

Happy Birthday Boys, i am sure the celebration in November will be spectacular, once everyone is fit and healthy.

Jo in TAS said...

Glad to hear Austin's well on the road to recovery, he sounds like a good patient! Best Wishes to Nelson too, at least he gets to celebrate twice!