05 October, 2011

Why "MacDonald's Patch"?

Dawn from As Sweet As Cinnamon has asked how we came up with the name of our blogs. I started my blog back in November 2009. The "MacDonald" part comes from our surname and the "Patch" is about our home and life as a family. It also has a little to do with me liking "patchwork"!
It's as the heading says, "Welcome to the Life of the MacDonald's"
I received this lovely book from Anorina of Samelia's Mum from a giveaway she ran. Thank you Anorina. There's lots of lovely ideas in the book.


shez said...

love how you got your name,and congrats on another win,i think you are the luckiest person i know,well done Christine,hey i am loving the wild boys

Maddy said...

Hi Christine, Your are very lucky, l don't know how you do it. Beautiful book.

Janet said...

Sounds kind of like a smaller version of MacDonald's farm....:)

Maria said...

I really like your blog name and it must be fun to at your Patch with your family.
Lovely book you won.

supermom said...

I am loving reading how you and everyone else got their blog name.

That's a beautiful book you received in the giveaway.