23 November, 2014

Relay Champions!

 Yesterday Austin participated in the Northern 
Metropolitan Region Relay Championships.
Dominic (U14), Decklan (U15), Will (U16) and Austin (U16).
The boys won the Mixed Age Medley which consisted of 
2 x Under 16's , 1 x Under 15 and 1 x Under 14. Austin and Dominic ran 100m, Decklan 200m and Will 400m.

Congratulations boys. 
They now head off to the State Relays in December.

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You have until 8.42pm AEST and then I'll draw out a winner.


Karen S said...

Well done. What a great effort!

Anonymous said...

hi Christine ,well done Nelson and boys,that an awesome acheivement,good luck for the STATE relays.xx

Cheryl said...

Well done to the boys - great achievement

Sue G Johnson said...

Congratulations to your boys. That is a wonderful achievement and good luck to them in December! That is the sweetest little stitchery. Love the background. Suits it perfectly!

Libster said...

well done Austin, my friends daughters were there competing too...but in the 9U and 11U! they did well too

Jo said...

You are kept busy with your boys.... Well done

Maria said...

Well done to all the boys .

donna said...

Love your stitching.

retdairyqueen said...

Well done boy's