17 December, 2014


 After 13 years at Plenty Valley Christian College, 
last night Mitchell graduated.
 Waiting for the grand entrance.
Yes, that's him giving the lovely Renee a kiss!
With Dad and Mum.
 Mitchell being Mitchell walking in!
 Receiving his gift bag from the Year 12 Co-ordinator.
 Class of 2014
 Yeah! School's over!
 With a proud Nana and Pa.
Mitchell is the first grandchild to graduate.
 The MacDonald Boys!

Austin received a Science Award. The funny thing is, he didn't do Science! As Austin was doing VCAL along with Year 10, he had some spares each week. He would always go and sit in on the science class. He even got to go on their excursion. His teacher thought he deserved an award for being a good member of the class!

So, another school year is over!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome night for you all Christine,Mitchell is a son to be proud off,except when he gets on your FB page,lol,that was so funny.xx

Karen S said...

Congratulations. These are wonderful achievements. Take a pat on the back for yourself, too.

Susan said...

Congratulations. The beginning of a new exciting stage of life for him. You have three fine looking young men!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

So very exciting you must be so proud xx

marina said...

well done to Mitchell! He looks so happy. The boys look great in the photo together.
well done to Nelson too on his Captaincy!

Noela said...

You have three wonderful boys there Christine. Hugs...

Melody said...

You have such wonderful boys - well done to all.

Maria said...

Well done to you all. Both Mum and Dad as well as the boys. Fabulous photos. Your boys have grown into lovely young men since I have been following your posts..

Sue Niven said...

You must be very proud, What a lovey thing to read, good stuff from kids indeed.