06 September, 2020

My New Sewing Room!

My new sewing room is all finished and I'm so happy with it. 
This is what it use to be like.
I now sit and look out the window when using my machine. 
Most of my fabrics are in the chest of drawers.
 It's so much lighter and brighter!
 We had put the wardrobe in for Nelson so now it's storage for me.
 One side has drawers and shelves and 
there's shelving in the other sections.
 All of my lovely things are on display.
Last year I inherited another treadle machine from 
Noel's second cousin, Noela. I've put my original 
one in here and Noela's one in the lounge.
 This little girl came home with me as well. 
I have named her Noela Shirley 
after Noela and her sister, Shirley. 
I don't know which sister she belonged to. 
She is very old (Noela was almost 90 
when she passed away) and I have fallen in love with her. 
Her face is fabric but has a hard back on it. 
Maybe someone knows about these kind of dolls. 
If you do, I'd love to know.

 Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my room. I just love it!
My mojo seems to have returned as well!


Cheryll said...

Oh Christine it's lovely...and I know you'll have so much energy in there too.
Love all your "things" around the room too.
Thanks for sharing your sewing space with us...xox

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I could enjoy this room as well. So nicely decorated with room and lighting.

ButterZ said...

Lovely room. Your mojo is ready to use that great space

kiwikid said...

Your room looks fantastic Christine, nice and airy and light and it is so nice to have the things you love where you can see them. Not surprised your mojo is back!

marina said...

how lovely to have your creative space back. Very well organised too.
Very cute little doll, such a treasure

Christine B said...

Your sewing room looks fabulous Christine and I can understand why your mojo has returned! Enjoy making lots of fabulous things in your new space! Christine xx

Maria said...

Your sewing room is gorgeous , lots of light and storage .
Love how you've been able to display all your treasures....
Worth waiting for and so good your mojo is back.❤️

Snoodles said...

Wow! Christine, what a lovely space to create! Beautiful light and lovely displays of your precious things.....I know you will enjoy sewing and crafting there!
Jacque (Lilypadquilting)

Julie said...

An absolutely beautiful space Christine & what a pleasure it will be to work in there. Thanks for sharing it. xx

Ondrea said...

Such a lovely sewing room to enjoy. A very creative space.

Karen said...

So lovely! And all your things hanging up or on display make it look so inviting. Happy sewing

Lin said...

What a lovely space to create in. xx