30 September, 2020

OPAM For September

Four finishes for September. My Tilda swap goodies.


 The Happy Stitcher wall hanging.

Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.

It may be just me but I hate this new blogger. It puts the photos in reverse order and adds larger line spacing. I wish they'd go back to how it was. Rant over!


Cheryll said...

Congrats on some GReaT finishes this month Christine...xox

Maria said...

Pretty finishes Christine..
Yes why do they upgrade when the old blogger was fine ??

Julie said...

LoVe all your new finishes Christine & yes I totally agree with you regarding the new blogger - I am finding it rather horrid & wish they had left well alone.

Christine B said...

Beautiful finishes Christine xxx

kiwikid said...

Very pretty finishes Christine.
There was a blog post about the double spacing and the person said to tap on the three dots on the right and change it there. To be honest Christine I didn't have the problem so didn't take a lot of notice. If I find the post I will let you know. It is interesting how different people seem to be having different problems with blogger. Mine seems to have settled down now, probably should not have said that, I will mozz myself!!