08 August, 2015

Friday Night With Friends Including A Trip To The City

 I had an early start for Friday Night With Friends
With an hour or so to spare before I had to head to the train station, I worked on a couple of projects.
 I traced out Block 8 of Jenny's Vintage Kitchen.
 I also made an apron.
Then it was time to catch a train into the city 
to meet up with Nelson and his class mates. 
Nelson had been spending the week in the city for City Cite as part of the Year 9 program. Friday night all the parents head into the City Cite office and listen to presentations of what they had learnt during the week. 

There were a lot of new and exciting experiences. They learnt how to get around the city, caught trains and trams, interviewed people, surveyed people, visited the Magistrate's Court, Vic Market, Eureka Tower Skydeck and had a wonderful time. The group Nelson was in did their research on "Melbourne encourages people to be healthy in mind, body and soul".  To finish off the night, we headed to the Crown Complex for some dinner.

So, although not a lot of sewing was done, 
it was quite a busy Friday night.


barb's creations said...

Love your little stitcheries you've been working on and your Friday night sounds just lovely and Nelson looks like he enjoyed the experience as well :) Barb.

Dasha said...

Sounds like Nelson enjoyed his time away.
Cute little stitchery.

Bev C said...

Hello Christine,m

What a lovely evening, sounds like Nelson had a wonderful week learning about his home town.Your finished quilt in the previous post is just beautiful Christine.

Happy days.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great experience for Nelson. Lovely stitchery too x

kiwikid said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening out Christine, and a great experience for Nelson..your stitchery is cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine ,sounds like Nelson had a lovely time learning new experiences,my GD is doing something similiar in Melb on Monday,how good too that you get to listen to all the experiences that they had,and what a lovely way to top the night off at the casino.xx

Maria said...

I love those Tulips but can't stitch them till I am home again sew I can download them.

What a fabulous week for Nelson and his classmates. looks like a great presentation.

Lovely way to finish off the evening. Having dinner at the Crown.

Käthe said...

Hallo Christine,
den Block von Jenny will ich auch noch sticken.
Nelson freut sich sicher darüber, dass er wieder zu Hause ist.
Liebe Grüße

Susan said...

Great experience for students not so familiar with the city.....and a fun night out at the end.

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Christine! Sounds like you had a fabulous time and some lovely stitching too! :) x

Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Christine,
sounds like a lot of fun and the apron is so cute.

Diane Sloan said...

Sounds like a great Frday night

Helen said...

Love your little stitcheries and cute apron. Perfect end to an evening dinner at Crown !!

Melody said...

Glad you had a fun Friday

Leanne said...

Lovely projects Christine. Nelson had a great week, what a wonderful thing he was involved in.

Baa. xxx said...

Love the apron! Sounds like Nelson had an very interesting week.

Julimond said...

A nice apron and a wonderful stitchery.
I hope, you had a nice day in the city with your son.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What an interesting Friday! :-)

Josie said...

Lovely stitcheries Christine. Love your apron. Sounds like you had a lovely day in town with Nelson. What a great experience for the students... don't know that they do anything like that over here. Congratulations to Nelson on his umpiring award too. He's going to go far......xxx

creations.1 said...

Busy Friday night for you Christine! Wow - didn't Nelson have a busy week - a great program!