28 August, 2015

It's Time To Vote!

Hi everyone. It's me, Molly, back again.

It's now time to vote for your favourites in the  
You can see all the entries here.

These are the categories:

Dog on quilt
Cat on quilt
Other animal on quilt
Animal themed quilt

You need to comment on this post with your votes. 
It would be lovely if you vote for all categories.

For example "Dog on quilt" # 43 

I'm # 43 just in case you want to vote for me!

There are lots of lovely entries.
I hope you enjoy the show.

Don't forget, you can win some 
random prizes just for commenting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Molly of course i will vote for you i am heading over there now,thanks for the reminder Christine,hope you win Molly xx

Jo said...

Good luck. I've been over and voted

Josie said...

Hi Molly.... I've been over and voted for you too! Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed.... no sewing this weekend then! Hugs.....xxx