17 August, 2015

Umpiring The Grand Final!

 It was such a beautiful day for yesterday's Grand Finals. Nelson was umpiring Northcote vs Wallan. 
Lined up for the national anthem.
 Nelson throwing in from the boundary.
 I've never noticed how high he jumps to throw in!
It was the most relaxed I've been at a grand final. 
As it didn't matter which team won, I could 
just sit and watch it with no stress!
 The weather was perfect. 
First my coat came off and then my cardigan.
 The umpires all received a medal as well.
Nelson was very pleased to get to do a grand final 
in his first year of umpiring. He hopes he'll get a finals match in the seniors football in a few weeks.


Baa. xxx said...

Great stuff! Well done - like the medal.

Maria said...

Great job Nelson. Boy you do jump high to throw that ball in......
How good not having to worry about which team won...pleased it was a lovely day.

kiwikid said...

Well done Nelson...looks like you had a great day out.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Three cheers to you Nelson 👏

Christine Barnsley said...

Glad you all enjoyed the game! :) x

Anthea said...

Well done to Nelson... he will go a long way with his umpiring, I'm sure... Looks like you all had a relaxed time at the game... I love the long-ish hair & beanie on the boys!

Tarnyia said...

Great action photos of Nelson. Your boys are growing into men quite fast xxx

Cheryll said...

Congrats... and yes it looks like a beautiful day to debut! xox

Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

Congratulations Nelson, the boys are certainly growing up. Noticed the hair has well and truly gown back! Glad to see you had a relaxing time at the footy.

Happy days.

Jo said...

Fantastic.. Great medal to mark the occasion

Melody said...

Great work Nelson