02 November, 2015

Cutting Day!

Nelson is undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award as one of his electives at school. There are four sections:  Adventurous Journey, Service, Physical Recreation and Skills. Last week they all headed off on their camp for the Adventurous Journey at Kinglake. The Service section is done at school where they spend time with the Preps each week. His Physical Recreation is his Boundary Umpiring and working with a personal trainer working on his fitness.

Here's where the fun part comes in. Nelson has decided to make Blankets of Love for his Skills Section. 
Our lovely friend, Melody, is his Assessor. They had met previously to discuss his project and made plans.
Mel is there to help and encourage Nelson. 
Well Mel, here's what Nelson's been up to!
Yesterday we pulled out fabrics and Nelson started 
to pick out the ones he liked.
 He reduced that pile to these.
 A little more sorting today.
 Another new skill - ironing!
 Being very careful with the cutter.
 The first four blankets are cut out. Nelson had had 
enough by then. Great job Nelson!
 Now it's time for me to do some cutting!


KERYN B said...

Well done Nelson looks like you are doing a top job.

Maria said...

Great choice for your Skills Challenge Nelson...

Christine Barnsley said...

Good for Nelson! His blankets are looking great! Christine x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Way to go, Nelson!

Anonymous said...

Well done Nelson,you so deserve this award,you are an amazing young man,and I can see mum and dad being very proud of your achievements xx

Karen S said...

What a perfect way to meet this part of the challenge. Great work!

Ondrea said...

Woohoo! So good to see a guy making quilts. Well done! I remember doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award when I was 14 years old. We hiked up Mt Feathertop, waded through knee deep snow, got to the summit an hour before a blizzard came LOL. I never had a pair of gloves and my hands were frozen. We were on the front page of The Herald. Good luck to Nelson, he is a bonza guy.

Dasha said...

High 5 to Nelson for attempting a "girl" skill. Looks like he's done a great job too. Love the DofE program. It teaches the kids a lot of resilience and also independent thinking.

creations.1 said...

Well done Nelson! learning to sew never hurts any young man!